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GC Aviation: On-site Technical Services

GC Aviation, Inc. supplies on-site technical representation to monitor overview and act as your representative while your aircraft and/or engine is having repairs, modifications and overhaul work being performed by a repair agency.

Our highly experienced aviation team performs these functions in a professional and cost effective way. You will be given the technical data you require, or have asked for, at the location of your request, as if you were standing next to the aircraft or engine. Why send one of your own staff to the repair location, taking him/her away from their office and more importantly away from their daily work schedule, when GC Aviation, Inc., can perform this task for you in a cost effective manner.

Maintenance facilities that perform maintenance repair to either Airframe or Engines have to meet or exceed the requirements set by the government of that country. Here in the United States the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) is the department that oversees this maintenance. Each maintenance facility inductively has their own way of tracking how the maintenance is being performed. GC Aviation, Inc. teams have worked with many of these maintenance facilities and are aware of their individual systems. Additionally our teams have available to them the up to date technical documents to perform all of these tasks, to your total satisfaction.


GC Aviation, Inc. supplies on-site technical representatives who overview the work being performed on your aircraft or engine, to ensure:

  • Routine, non-routine repairs, modifications and overhaul work scope completed in accordance with contractual requirements, including but not limited to man hours, flat rate charges in accordance with the assigned maintenance program.

  • Completion of work scope per the Federal Aviation Regulations (or government requirements) and the manufactures recommendations.

  • Liaison between the repair station, aircraft manufacturer and you.

  • Reporting of completions of the aircraft or engine.

  • Reporting in accordance with your requirements.