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GC Aviation: Designated Airworthiness Rep

FAA Designated Airworthiness Representative (DAR) services help you meet your company's needs when you need a liaison with the FAA. DAR's are authorized to perform the examination, inspection and testing services as provided in FAR 183.33. Our extensive knowledge and experience in aviation combined with our relationship with FAA authorities are available to you when your needs include special flight permits, export certificates or standard airworthiness certificates. We specialize in large commercial aircraft.

In general, DAR's inspect parts and assemblies in support of tests and certification in accordance with applicable Federal Aviation Regulations (FAR's). DAR findings are recorded on Airworthiness Certificates, Flight Permits, Export Certificate of Airworthiness, and various forms indicating Conformity. Conformity indicates a part or assembly matches the design. These forms are then used as part of a package supporting certification for new Type Certificates, Repairs, Alterations, Supplemental. Aging aircraft inspections and records review for U.S.- registered multiengine aircraft. 

Please contact us when you or your company requires DAR coverage.